the Tree Hugger

Cà Phê Người Ôm Cây - translating into 'Tree Hugger Café' - is a small café located nearby Nhat Le River and Tam Toa church in Dong Hoi City. In early 2014, the Café arose out of the idea to create a space for 'Dong Hoians' and visitors alike... for small discovery, for reading, for soaking up the surrounding atmosphere, for day-dreaming and, indeed, for enjoying café and light food.

​As part of the café, we also try and display our fascination of ethnic minority cultures found in Vietnam and our love for their handmade crafts on the second floor. Some products can also be found in our online store ;).

We are often being asked where the term ´Tree Hugger´ actually comes from. The expression was probably first coined in India almost 300 years ago, when a group of people clung on to trees in order to prevent their clearing. They might have been quite ahead of their time with the idea that there is more value hugging a tree than it being removed.

In the ´Tree Hugger´ in Dong Hoi we try to hold on to the idea to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. In terms of the menu, this can mean a simple and balanced diet that puts particular focus on fresh and local produce or, in terms of the sales of crafts, awareness raising for local knowledge and crafted products from natural materials.

We cannot always promise, but we are trying to make anybody entering feel a little hugged ;).

The Tree Hugger is opened daily from 8:00h-17:00h.

the menu

The Tree Hugger Café menu features a variety of drinks,

including fresh juices, smoothies, dairy drinks, selected wines

and cocktails and, indeed, coffee, as well as all-day breakfast

and some simple food options that fuse Vietnamese and

Western tastes. 

We use local ingredients as much as possible and try to prepare

everything with a little bit of love ;).


Chúc ngon miệng.



traditional coffee 20k, Saigon-style coffee 30k, bạc xỉu 30k, coconut coffee 35k, cappuccino 35k,

moccaccino 40k...


artichoke 30k, ginger 30k, peach 35k, tea hugger 35k...

fresh juices made from...

lime 25k, passion fruit 30k, carrot 35k, water melon 35k, orange 40k,

´detox´ 45k...


cacao 30k, ice-blended joghurt 35k, ´lime snow´ 35k, matcha 35k...

fresh smoothies made from...

banana 30k, mango 35k, passion fruit 35k, mixed 40k...


White Russian 55k, Gin Tonic 55k, Tequila Sunrise 70k, Long Island Ice Tea 75k...

all-day breakfast & light food

omelette 40k

fruit salad 55k

smoothie bowl 55k

pancakes with fruits 60k

simple müsli with fruits 65k

Bircher-müsli 65k

fried springrolls 45k

egg sandwich 45k

tuna sandwich 50k

pumpkin-carrot soup 50k

salads, from 50k

rice plates, from 55k

simple toasties with cheese 60k

burger 65k

ice cream Sundae 40k

waffle 45k

mixed fruits 45k

operating with a little more care

The name ‘Tree Hugger’ carries responsibility and you may wonder what makes us different from other shops, restaurants or cafés in this town in terms of being ‘more environmentally-friendly’. In fact, it may not be anything, or not a lot. 


With little things we try and raise more awareness for both the human and the natural environment. This includes e.g. the avoidance of single-use plastics and other non-natural materials, minimizing the usage of energy and water, engaging in local environmental activities and promotion of the idea with suppliers, guests and other businesses ;). 

reduce - reuse - recycle


We are far from perfect and so are also happy for any inspirations you may have...