How to care for products?

Most of the items are handmade, have been naturally-dyed and feature small embroideries. The crafts should be hand-washed with cold water, a mild detergent or natural soap and should either be laid flat to dry or be hung upside down for color to leak out. Some items may be less sensitive. Also take a look at the care taking instructions with each of the products.

When will my order be shipped and how long will it take to ship?

After your checkout, please allow for around 1-2 days processing time. Within Vietnam, sending may take between 2 - 7 days. Internationally, shipping takes between 10-30 days. Please note that deliveries can take longer depending on national and international holidays and customs issues. Should dispatch at the Tree Hugger take longer, we will inform you via the e-mail you provided upon checkout.

Are there more crafts available at the Tree Hugger in Dong Hoi?

Yes, in our home base in Dong Hoi, there are many more crafts that can be explored. We will slowly extend the selection online as well. If there is anything you have been looking for in particular or if there is something you have seen in our physical store but you cannot find it online, just contact us.

What are the shipping costs?

Within Vietnam, we ship for free.

We also ship internationally via Viettel Post. Shipping is calculated at checkout with a shipping estimator based on where the shipping will go to. If your country does not apply for shipping online, just contact us.


Once your order is dispatched, we will provide you with a tracking number via the e-mail that you entered at checkout.

Shipping costs for fast delivery are reviewed on a case by case basis. Please, contact us.

Based on your location, import duties and taxes may apply. Any additional fees incurred for the shipping are the responsibility of the customer. Most countries either charge a very low or no duty for goods for personal use. The Tree Hugger is not responsible for any delays that may be caused due to customs.

Do you do wholesale?

In some cases, we provide opportunities for wholesale (mostly from our 'eco-corner' collection). Most of the items available with the Tree Hugger can however not be produced in big quantities and are thus not available for wholesale.

For those handmade items on wholesale, please understand that these need more time to be crafted as well as these may have slight variations in colors and patterns. Some products may also be customized. Please, contact us for details.

What payments do you accept?

If you pass by the Tree Hugger in Dong Hoi, we accept major international credit cards and Vietnamese debit cards. Payments via credit cards and paypal can be made online. Please, contact us at for details for bank transfers.

You can also 'reserve' products online and pick them up at the Tree Hugger. 

Further terms & conditions

Please, refer here.